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A smoke-free cruise? Is there such a thing? Well, consider this: now more than ever before smoking is considered more of a “dirty little secret” than something the majority sees as sexy or cool. Because secondhand smoke has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt to be just as dangerous as smoking, more and more non-smokers are seeking a safe haven from the slightest traces of a puff.

Every industry under the sun seems to have jumped on the “no smoking allowed” bandwagon including some very unlikely places such as bars and restaurants, as well as coffeehouses and yes, even cruise ships. So, is there such a thing as a smoke-free cruise? Almost. While many cruise lines, such as Renaissance Cruises and Carnival Cruise did at one time run 100% smoke-free cruises, those policies are now defunct.

But wait! There are several cruise ships in existence today enforcing some of the strictest non-smoking policies in the industry. Some were once completely smoke-free, while others are now taking the advice of doctors, the govt. and non-smokers alike. These nearly smoke-free cruise lines do allow smoking, but under the strictest non-smoking policies in the industry. So if you want to take a smoke-free cruise, what you’ll find here is the closest you’re going to get to 100% smoke-free cruising.

Oceania Cruises

One of the most smoking restrictive cruise lines in the industry is Oceania Cruises. Led by Renaissance Cruises former President, Oceania Cruises only allows smoking in two small areas of the ship including a small section of the outdoor Pool Deck and the aft port side of Horizons. Every other area of the ship (guest suites, staterooms, verandas, restaurants, public areas, casinos, etc.) is 100% smoke-free, giving Oceania the feeling of a totally smoke-free cruise ship.

Oceania has a strict “Zero Tolerance” policy. This means, passengers who decide to ignore the policy will find themselves waving goodbye to the ship at the nearest port and quite possibly never allowed to cruise Oceania again. For booking information log onto:

Crystal Cruises

Voted “World’s Best Large-Ship Cruise Line” eleven years in a row, Crystal Cruise ships features some of the most, smoke-free cruises in the business. Polices are strictly enforced as well.

Most areas of Crystal’s ships are non-smoking and you’ll be hard pressed to find a place to smoke that isn’t pretty much, far away from all the action. Smoking is prohibited in restaurants, the main production venue, in all areas of the Lido deck and in staterooms, penthouses, and verandas or in corridors.

Bars and lounges have designated smoking areas and smoking is permitted in the ships “Connoisseur Club.” For booking information log onto:

Disney Cruises

Disney doesn’t allow smoking? Well almost. Disney cruises is considered second in “most restrictive” to Oceania. So be afraid, be very afraid. Smoking is prohibited everywhere except the piano bar and the sports bar, around the Mickey Pool and on balconies. As with Oceania and Crystal cruises, Disney’s non-smoking policies are strictly enforced. Violators are subject to harsh penalties and even disembarkation from the ship. For booking information log onto:

If you area non-smoker and you’re looking for a “smoke-free” cruise, look no further than Oceania, Crystal or Disney! They have you covered, for the most part.

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  1. Rolly

    Currently on the Caribbean Princess. We can smell the smoke from the casino at the theatre as it wafts up midship to work its way into the state rooms. I vote for closing the doors to the casino.

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