Some Coronavirus Optimism from Various Cruise Groups

We’re not one to point fingers at anyone that is feeling really doom and gloom about coronavirus right now, and that goes for the cruise industry too. The global pandemic has a lot of people stressed right now (which, by the way, might be the most reasonable sentence ever typed). Whether you’re worrying about your health, the safety of your loved ones, the economic impacts of the virus, or just your ability to get toilet paper, there’s plenty to keep you up at night while you’re sitting around at home. Jeez, now we feel a bit worse after typing all that.

Still, though, there’s one important point to remember: this is temporary. We promise. The cruise industry is not in a happy place right now (none of us are), but even some of those within it are still able to muster up some optimism. So, if you’re not one to put a happy face on, check out some of these fine folks that are doing it for you.


If there was any company out there that needs to turn things around and operate with some optimism, it’s Princess. They’ve had some direct run-ins with the virus, so it’s really awesome to see that the company is looking forward. On March 21, the company lit up some of the staterooms on their Sky Princess ship to display the message #wewillbeback. This was accompanied with an online movement of support. The message here is clear, and it’s something that we all need to keep in mind. While you get a little stir-crazy, just remember that you’ll be back someday soon. We all will be!

MedCruise offers some kind words

MedCruise Association, a group of port members, ports and associate members, gave a statement that both reflected the reality of the current COVID-19 situation and was a nice “chin up” moment. Their president, Airam Diaz Pastor, said that the virus “will have a big economic impact,” while also asserting that “with our work and commitment, we will get over this challenging but also temporary period.” He ended his statement by saying, “I believe this will make us even stronger and we will learn from this situation.”

eCruise emphasizes easy testing

One key component to fighting the growth of coronavirus is identifying common symptoms and making sure that those who are exhibiting them have their contact with others severely limited. Testing is one simple way to do this, but it can often take a while. To counteract this, eCruise is rolling out a no-touch thermometer. By pointing it to a passenger, it will flash green if they have a normal temperature, and red if they have a fever. As a fever is the most common symptom of COVID-19, this will help a lot. They noted that many travelers will often blow off mild symptoms in favor of traveling; this will counteract that dishonesty and just give the facts. Their vice president said “if we can instill confidence in people, we can help the cruise industry rebound.”

With coronavirus, it is the little things that help in the day-to-day. Whether you need an uplifting message or just a bit of news that seems to point in the direction of identifying and limiting the virus, try to stay tuned to non-sensationalized news that gives you realistic, yet positive information. Maintaining the right mindset will be a huge help throughout all of this, and we’re glad to see the cruise industry is keeping their heads above water, so to speak!

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