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4 Reasons to Take a Chance with Your Cruise’s On-Board Health and Wellness Programs

Among the belly flop competitions, silent dance parties, and bingo games, many cruise ships also offer passengers the opportunity to attend various on-board health and wellness programs while at sea. It’s easy to blow off these events as “not for me” but there are a few great reasons to consider going to that brow bar event or fitness seminar. Read more [...]

Announcing the “Make It With Michaels” Program on Carnival Cruises

The all-new “Make It With Michaels” experience on all 26 of the Carnival cruise ships is a one of a kind partnership and feature for passengers. Read more [...]

Water Adventures Await On Your Next Ocean Cruise

For those who love the water and need to see it, feel it and even taste it, there are some amazing excursions that can meet your needs. Read more [...]
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Great Cruise Activities for 2019

Guests on today’s cruise ships still want to be able to relax on the deck for a bit, but not until they have satiated their desire for activity and excitement. Read more [...]
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Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady Cruises are Ever Health Conscious

Virgin Voyages, the new adults-only cruise line from Richard Branson’s Virgin Group, has revealed a few of the wellness features that will set the Scarlet Lady cruises apart from all of the other cruise lines. Read more [...]
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How To Introduce Your Children To The Joys Of A Cruise

Not every child is a good traveler and not every child is going to like the idea of going on a cruise. Your child might have heard from a friend about a boring experience or there might be a phobia of being on the water that he or she is not comfortable disclosing to you. But there are a few tips that you can employ to make your kids first cruise experience enjoyable for them and by extension for you. Read more [...]