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Advice and Tips for First-Time Cruisers (Part 3)

This last post in our series on advice and tips for first-time cruisers will focus on how to best enjoy your time on your cruise. There are many activities you’ll have the chance to participate in while cruising, and there are tons of opportunities for exploring the ports you’ll be traveling to. So, consider the following recommendations and you’ll be better prepared to experience it all in a way that’s most enjoyable to you. Read more [...]

Advice and Tips for First-Time Cruisers (Part 2)

Yesterday, we gave you some advice and tips for packing on your first cruise. Today, we’ll tell you how to save money when you’re cruising for the first time. Read more [...]

Advice and Tips for First-Time Cruisers (Part 1)

Thinking about taking your first cruise? As cruise lovers, we highly recommend this way of traveling and we encourage you to experience adventuring to beautiful places via the open waters. There’s much to love about taking a trip this way. Exploring many new and gorgeous lands in one vacation, meeting new people, finding out about different cultures, and eating and playing and – well – let’s just say that a cruise can bring many memorable moments and leave you with tons of stories to remember and tell for a lifetime. But, before you go on your first cruise, there are some things you should know about. Read up on the following bits of advice and tips for first-time cruisers when it comes to packing, so that your initial journey will be smooth and most enjoyable one. Then, stay tuned for our next posts on advice and tips for saving money on a cruise and having the best time possible. Read more [...]