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Alaska Marine Highway System

Plenty has been written about cruises to Alaska. Alaskan cruises are, after all, one of the most popular cruise vacations available, and all of the major cruise lines (and many of the smaller ones) offer them throughout the year. But these types of cruises - the ones offered by cruise lines that most people mean by the words "Alaskan cruises" - are leisure cruises, taken almost exclusively for vacations. However, there is another type of cruise in Alaska (if it can even be called a cruise) that is run by the Alaska Marine Highway System, operated by the government of the state of Alaska. Being a governmental service, the Alaska Marine Highway System serves a utilitarian function - they do not offer cruises for pleasure, but rather cruises for pure transportation purposes. It's a highly unique system that really only makes sense in a state like Alaska, and since it is so unique, we thought our readers (cruise enthusiasts that they are) would like to know a bit about it. So, that said, what is the Alaska Marine Highway System? Read more [...]