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What are the Best All-Inclusive Cruise Lines?

All-inclusive cruise lines are the pinnacle of simple travel. But which cruise lines can be categorized as all-inclusive? Although the phrase is tossed around a lot, the definition isn't quite clear. Does all-inclusive really include everything? What about flights? Does your booking also pay for your hotels? Do you get an unlimited amount of free food? Read more [...]
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All-Inclusive Cruises: Is Food Included, and is it “All You Can Eat?”

Modern-day cruises are in many ways celebrations of excess, and nowhere is this more evident than in the dining habits of many cruise vacationers. On most cruises, food is included in the fare for the voyage, meaning that "all you can eat" cruises are the industry norm, and people take advantage of it. Moreover, there is food available 24 hours a day on many cruise lines, so you can eat as much as you want at any time, night or day. However, even if you are on an "all you can eat" cruise (which, again, is basically any cruise), this doesn't mean that all the food on board the ship is available to you free of charge. There are certain limitations on what can be eaten for free, and if you aren't careful, you could end up paying for food even on a vacation that is nominally an all-inclusive cruise. Read more [...]
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All-Inclusive Cruises: Is Alcohol Included, and is it “All You Can Drink?”

For good or ill, one of the primary reasons people want to take all-inclusive cruises is for the unlimited supply of alcohol. When you are on an all-inclusive cruise with alcohol included - these are sometimes labeled "all you can drink" cruises - you can rack up as large of a bar tab as you want and never have to worry about paying it. However, it is important to note that not every all-inclusive cruise includes unlimited alcohol, and also that some regular cruises (i.e., non-all-inclusive cruises) offer "all you can drink" packages for an extra fee. To sort this out, we have compiled a guide to alcohol and all-inclusive cruises which will point you to cruises on which you can drink an unlimited amount of alcohol. Read more [...]
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All-Inclusive Cruises: Which Cruise Lines Offer Them?

Essentially all cruise lines offer all-inclusive cruises, at least if you define "all-inclusive" in the most minimal way possible, where this term only means that room and (basic) board is covered by your cruise fair. If you define all-inclusive cruises extremely robustly, such that every cost associated with the cruise is included in the fare price, then there are practically no all-inclusive cruises. This much we covered in our overview of all-inclusive cruises. In the present article we list the cruise lines that offer something like an all-inclusive cruise. The cruise line needn't cover every expense to warrant inclusion in our list, but they can't merely give you a room on board the ship and a free meal and count themselves as all-inclusive cruises. With this guiding principle in mind, which cruise lines offer all-inclusive cruises? Read more [...]
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All-Inclusive Cruises: Are They Worth the Cost?

To some, an all-inclusive cruise is an unambiguous good - there is no way they can't be worth the cost, given all that is included in the cruise fare. Others approach all-inclusive cruises (or all-inclusive deals in general) with skepticism, worried that the higher price won't be offset by whatever freebies a cruise line throws your way. Rather than provide some sort of mathematical breakdown of whether all-inclusive cruises are worth their price, which would involve an analysis of an enormous set of pricing data (for cruises fares, plane tickets, food costs, etc.), we will merely list some considerations to keep in mind when contemplating the relative cost effectiveness of all-inclusive cruises, leaving you to decide if all-inclusive cruises are worth the cost to you. Read more [...]
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All-Inclusive Cruises: An Overview

It is hard to specify what exactly constitutes an all-inclusive cruise. Is a cruise all-inclusive if the primary expenses of a trip - essentially, lodging and meals - are covered by the cruise fare? If so, virtually all cruises are all-inclusive. However, some people take a more expansive view of all-inclusive cruises, such that every cost associated with the vacation must be included in the fare for it be regarded as all-inclusive, and these types of cruises are harder to come by. While we have written plenty about all-inclusive cruises in the past, we haven't touched on the issue in a while, and in any case we haven't analyzed the precise meaning of an "all-inclusive cruise." Definitions vary, so below we get to the bottom of the issue by providing an overview of all-inclusive cruises. Read more [...]