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Huge Hurtigruten Sale for Fourth of July

Fourth of July is winding down, but there's one more thing to get excited about. Hurtigruten just launched a huge sale on their website! Read more [...]

Everything You Need to Know About Quark’s New Polar Vessel, Ultramarine

Quark Expeditions, a cruise line known for exciting adventure cruises into polar regions, has announced their brand new ship, Ultramarine. Read more [...]
Costco cruises

Costco Cruises to Antarctica

To be informed that there are Costco cruises to Antarctica could be doubly surprising - you may not be aware that Costco offers cruises, and you also might not know that there are cruises to Antarctica. In fact, there are cruises to Antarctica, and Costco would be happy to sell you one, at least if they could (more on this in moment). Below we outline Costco's Antarctic cruise offerings, as it were, explaining what a cruise to Antarctica is and how you can go about finding one. Read more [...]

Antarctic Cruises: Which Cruise Ships Sail to Antarctica?

Antarctica is a distant land to sail to, and it certainly isn't a routine destination for a cruise vacation (in contrast to places like the Caribbean or Alaska, for example). Yet people do take cruises to Antarctica, which means there must be cruise ships that take Antarctic Cruises, and indeed there are. These Antarctic cruise ships vary in style and the accommodations they offer, but they all tend to be rather small, holding only around 50 to 200 people. There probably isn't enough demand for cruises to Antarctica to fill a huge cruise ship, and moreover a large cruise ship could be hard to maneuver in some of the more remote areas of the Antarctic region. In this article, we'll look at a few different cruise ships that travel to Antarctica to get a sense of what they are like. Read more [...]

Antarctic Cruises: Where Can You Go?

Antarctic cruises are often thought of as cruises to Antarctica, and, of course, they are. But "Antarctic cruise" is actually a broader term, covering cruises that sail to areas like South Georgia and the Falkland Islands, not just voyages to the continent of Antarctica. For those considering cruises to this remote part of the world, this is important to keep in mind - there are more Antarctic cruises than you might imagine from which to chose. Read more [...]

Antarctic Cruises: What Can You See?

Antarctic cruises are one of the more radical cruise vacations that an individual can take. Given Antarctica's placement on the globe (it's the southernmost continent), a cruise to Antarctica will be a fairly lengthy undertaking, although this of course depends on where you will begin your trip. More likely than not, you'll have to book a flight to a port that is far south of the equator - a port like the one in Ushuaia, Argentina, to which two British cruise ships were recently denied entry - and once you arrive to port, your journey to Antarctica is only beginning. However, when you do finally arrive to the Antarctic region of the world, you'll be rewarded with views that are rarely seen by human eyes. Read more [...]
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