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Are Cruises Coming Back to Australia?

It's been a while since cruises have been allowed to visit Australia. It's been one of the few constants throughout the entire pandemic. While other countries have waffled between being opened and closed since the world changed in 2020, Australia has remained staunchly shut down to tourism. Some were speculating about the nation reopening at the end of last year, but the Omicron wave dashed all hopes of that happening. However, things may changing for the better. Cruises may be returning to Australia sooner than we think! Read more [...]

When Will Australian Cruises Return?

Cruising is making a triumphant return in the United States. Australia, however, isn't excited about inviting in American travelers. Read more [...]

Are Cruises Returning to New Zealand?

It seems that New Zealand may be changing their tone, at least for their own residents. Read more [...]
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