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Azamara Cruise Reviews

Founded in 2007, Azamara Club Cruises is a fairly new cruise line, and it is also rather small, with the Azamara fleet consisting of only two modestly-sized ships that can hold about 700 passengers each. As a consequence, Azamara is not particularly well-known, at least relative to the giants of the cruise industry, like Carnival and Royal Caribbean. (The parent company of the latter - Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. - owns Azamara, for the record.) Despite its lower profile, however, plenty has been written about the cruise line, and there are a number of Azamara cruise reviews, which is what we are currently focused on. Prospective passengers are always keen to read cruise reviews, so we figured it would be helpful to compile some information about Azamara cruise reviews for those interested in traveling with the small, upscale cruise line. Read more [...]

Azamara Club Cruises

Azamara Club Cruises, often called "Azamara cruises" or just "Azamara," is a relatively new cruise line owned by Royal Caribbean Cruises, the second largest cruise ship operator (after Carnival) in the world. Azamara Club Cruises advertises itself as the "best small luxury cruise line," but they haven't always attached the word "luxury" to their brand name. Just a few years ago, the company held a press conference to announce a name modification - from "Azamara Cruises" to "Azamara Club Cruises" - and during this conference they said they prefer to label themselves "upscale," as opposed to luxurious. Regardless of how the cruise line is classified, though, their services are certainly a cut above the industry average and their vacations have lots of enthusiastic fans. Read more [...]
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