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Top-Selling Costco Cruises

The top-selling Costco cruises are hard to determine. This is true not only because Costco does not list how many people book any given cruise, but also because a top-selling or best-selling cruise is a somewhat slippery concept. No doubt a number of the thousands of Costco cruises sell-out each year, and how do you compare sold-out cruises to one another? The top-selling Costco cruises might also be defined as the most popular cruise itineraries offered by Costco, but this too would be hard to determine, as some cruises are offered frequently, perhaps even all year, whereas others are offered only a handful of times during a season, and obviously the cruises that sail the most will be booked by more people. It is therefore hard to say what are objectively the top-selling Costco cruises; however, Costco does have a list of four top-selling cruises on their site, and while it is unclear exactly how these cruises came to be deemed "top-selling," they are clearly popular cruises, and thus are worth examining. Read more [...]