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The Maersk Triple E Class: The Largest Container Ships in the World

At one point or another, you have probably heard that the "global economy is becoming increasingly interconnected" or some similar such phrase. While accurate, these statements aren't particularly informative: how exactly are various markets across the world intertwined with one another? One obvious way is that products made in one country are distributed across the world, and these products are often distributed by enormous container ships. A new class of such gigantic container ships - indeed, the largest container ships in the world - was recently commissioned by Maersk, the Danish business conglomerate, and the first vessels (out of a planned 20) have recently gone into operation. The container ships belonging to the "Maersk Triple E class" are built by Daewoo Shipbuilding, a South Korean company that is the second largest shipbuilder in the world. (Daewoo also had an automobile division, which is now owned by GM.) Below is some basic information about the Maersk Triple E class and how the ships in this group compare to other enormous vessels. Read more [...]
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