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How to Book a Thames River Cruise

In a previous article about Thames River cruises, we gave a basic overview of cruises on this famous English river. We explained what a Thames River cruise is (a short trip that doesn't go very far along the river) and why many people might be inclined to take one (to see some of the famous sights of London and to quickly move between them). One thing we were sure to emphasize is that a Thames River cruise is not like a regular cruise (i.e., a vacation cruise on the ocean), largely because they are so short - they last a few hours at most. For this reason, they aren't like a lot of river cruises (e.g., Nile River cruises) either. You might think this makes booking a Thames River cruise different from booking a regular type of cruise, and you would be right in thinking this. Since many people have only booked regular cruises, we figured we should explain how to book a Thames River cruise. Read more [...]