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How to Book a Russian River Cruise

Consistent with our recent practice of writing about a river cruise and then explaining how to book one, we are here to explain how to book a Russian river cruise, which, as the first clause of this sentence suggests, comes on the heels of our overview of Russian river cruises. (We should note that by "Russian river cruise," we mean cruises on rivers in Russia, not cruises on the Russian river in Northern California.) We feel compelled to write these follow-up articles because we are describing cruises that fall outside what might be loosely called "mainstream cruising" - that is, the cruise vacations operated by major cruise lines that take place on enormous ships that sail around the ocean - and since they fall outside the boundaries of traditional cruising, they call aloud for explanation. We have explained what Russian river cruises are, and so now we must explain how to book one. Is there anything special about booking a Russian river cruise? Is a difficult to book a Russian river cruise? Read more [...]