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Cancer Cruises

There are several different types of medical cruises, although they tend to fit into two categories: there are cruises that focus on medical education (generally in the form of conferences on board a cruise ship), and there are cruises that emphasize passenger health (by offering fitness classes, healthy meals, and so on). There are also cruises for specific medical conditions, like cancer. There are a few of these cruises for cancer. One of them, the Buckeye Cruise for Cancer, is about raising awareness and money for cancer research, and the other, the Breast Cancer Wellness Cruise, focuses more on uniting patients and survivors of this form of cancer. There are also "cancer cruises" that have nothing to do with cruise ships, like Jerry Parins Cruise for Cancer, which is a motorcycle rally for cancer. However, we are only concerned with cruise ships that offer cruises for cancer, so we'll focus on the Buckeye Cruise for Cancer and the Breast Cancer Wellness Cruise to give you an idea of what these cruise are all about. Read more [...]
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