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Cheap Mediterranean Cruises (Med Cruises)

A Mediterranean cruise is a cruise that takes place in the Mediterranean Sea, or at least a major part of the cruise takes place in this body of water, which is surrounded by Europe, Africa, and the Levant (Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Israel, and Cyprus, as well as some of southern Turkey) making it almost entirely landlocked. A cheap Mediterranean cruise, the subject of this article, is therefore self-explanatory: it is merely a discounted cruise that sails in the Mediterranean Sea. Mediterranean cruises are extremely popular because the Mediterranean is such an attractive place to cruise (just like, say, the Caribbean). They are so popular, in fact, that there is an abbreviation for them - Med cruises - that is commonly used and understood, and because they are so popular, it should come as no surprise that people are after cheap Mediterranean cruises (or "cheap Med cruises," to keep with industry parlance). To this topic we now turn our attention. Read more [...]
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