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Dining Cruises in Chicago: Brunch, Lunch, and Dinner Cruises

Built on the shore of Lake Michigan, Chicago is a great place to a take a dining cruise. This fact has been recognized and acted upon with great enthusiasm by Entertainment Cruises, which operates a few dining cruise companies in Chicago. As far as we can tell, Entertainment Cruises is also the only company that operates dining cruises in Chicago, so below we focus on detailing, in outline, what these companies offer. In other words, we have composed a guide to dining cruises in Chicago, which should direct you toward the company with which you want to book your outing on Lake Michigan. Read more [...]
Seadog Speedboat cruises

Seadog Speedboat Cruises

Seadog is a company that operates speedboat tours in Baltimore and Chicago. There are four Seadog speedboats in Chicago, and two in Baltimore. Most of these boats are used for tours of the cities in one form or another, but in Chicago there is one speedboat that is dedicated to "Extreme Thrill Rides," which are basically just high-speed cruises around Lake Michigan. Below we outline what Seadog offers in both Baltimore and Chicago, as well provide some details about the Seadog speedboats themselves. Read more [...]
Valentine's Day dinner cruises

Valentine’s Day Cruises in Chicago

Thanks to Lake Michigan, the second largest Great Lake by volume, Chicago is a particularly good place to take a Valentine's Day cruise. There are dining cruises from Chicago throughout the year, and so the city has the resources in place to offer several cruises during the Valentine's Day weekend. We have explored all the options and distilled the details into the following guide to Valentine's Day cruises in Chicago. Read more [...]
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