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Are Cruises Returning to China?

Cruises have been slow to return to many countries around the world. China is certainly among them. Read more [...]

Small-Ship River Cruises with Victoria Cruises

Since 1993, Victoria Cruises has been a leader in river cruising. The line, based out of New York, established new standards for cruising from day one, when it planned and then sailed (in 1994) a luxury river cruise along China's Yangtze River. When the ship edged out of its port, travelers and the travel industry new there was something special happening. Today, Victoria cruises operates a fleet of seven Five-Star Ultra-Luxury vessels (as determined by the China National Tourism Administration) and each of the ships are all newly built or structurally rebuilt. Read more [...]

What to Pack for a China Cruise

Although each region has a different climate, natives suggest carrying a jumper at all times. Even in hot and humid areas, air conditioned buildings are so cold, you might even need a hat and gloves to stay warm once inside. Read more [...]
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