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New CDC Warning and Program for Cruise Travel

The CDC has lowered their cruise warning level. They have also introduced a new program to replace their Conditional Sailing Order (CSO). Both of these changes come after the CSO was lifted on January 15th. It is clear that things are headed in the right direction in terms of how the cruise industry is being allowed to operate. But still, what does the warning level mean? And what is this new program that will be taking the place of the CSO? Luckily, neither are much to worry about. The first Read more [...]

The CDC’s Conditional Sailing Order Has Expired

The CDC's Conditional Sailing Order (CSO) has expired. This is a big deal for the cruise industry. The CSO was a roadblock for many cruise lines through much of the pandemic. It originally required companies to perform test voyages so that their health protocols could be observed and critiqued by the CDC. This requirement was eventually softened as long as cruise lines adopted stringent vaccine mandates. Most major companies did this and were allowed to sail again. Read more [...]

CDC Announces End Date for Conditional Sailing Order

The CDC released some pretty big news on October 25th. It seems that there is now a planned end date for the Conditional Sailing Order. Read more [...]

The Latest CDC Cruise News: Lower Cruise Warning and a Lost Court Case

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has been effectively in charge of the cruise industry since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. Read more [...]

Multiple Cruise Lines Go Forward with Trial Cruises

It seems that trial cruises are going to be happening after all! Read more [...]

CDC Updates Cruise Safety Recommendations

The future of the cruise industry rests with the CDC at the moment. Read more [...]