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Cruise Regulation Changes in Costa Rica and United Kingdom

Costa Rice and the United Kingdom have both changed their national regulations on cruises. This reflects the positive trend for the industry. Read more [...]

These are the Steps Cruise Lines Need to Take to Get Back Into Business

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When to Expect the Debut of the New Cordelia Cruises

Here's all that we know about Cordelia at the moment and when we can expect the new cruise line to finally hit the seven seas. Read more [...]

A Potential Restart for the Florida Cruise Industry

The cruise industry has been hoping for a restart for quite some time now. Read more [...]

Will Vaccines Allow International Cruises to Return?

International cruises have been sorely missed throughout the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more [...]

Why Small Cruise Lines Might be the Future of the Industry

Are small cruise lines going to be the future of the cruise industry? Read more [...]