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Costa Cruises (Costa Crociere): An Overview

Costa Cruises, or Costa Crociere in Italian (it's based in Genoa, Italy), is not a cruise line that has escaped our attention. We've written about the Costa cruise line several times in the past, both explaining general features of the cruise line and covering the headline-making incidents its cruise ships have been involved with recently. The latter have dominated most conversations about Costa Cruises over the last year or so, so we thought we should look at the basic facts of company, explaining again the cruise line behind the unfortunate recent incidents. Read more [...]

The Costa Allegra Arrival to Seychelles

After more than two days at sea in sweltering heat, and with no access to running water or hot meals, the passengers on board the Costa Allegra finally stepped off the ship onto the island country of Seychelles earlier today, where they were greeted by medical personal and representatives from embassies and consular offices. Officials from Costa Crociere (which translate to "Costa Cruises" in English), the cruise line that owns the Costa Allegra, were also on hand to help. Read more [...]

The Costa Allegra, Moving Slowly to Shore

The Costa Allegra, the cruise ship that stalled in the Indian Ocean on Monday after a fire broke out in the engine room, is being towed by a French deep sea trawler to Victoria, the capital of the island country of Seychelles. The ship, which is owned by Costa Cruises, is being pulled at a speed of six knots (about seven miles per hour) and is expected to reach land early Thursday morning. Two tugs boats from Seychelles were originally sent to the vessel, which was drifting without power in an area of the Indian Ocean known for pirate attacks, but efforts to add a tug boat to help with the towing operation were unsuccessful, leaving the task to the French trawler alone. Read more [...]

The Costa Allegra, Adrift in the Indian Ocean

The Costa Allegra, a cruise ship with over 1,000 people on board, is adrift without power in the Indian Ocean after a fire broke out in the engine room earlier today. Once the fire, which has now been extinguished, was started, a distress signal was sent out. Rescue efforts are underway as two tug boats, a motorboat, and a plane from the island country of Seychelles are en route to the imperiled vessel. The earliest assistance is expected to arrive by tomorrow morning. Currently, the ship is upright and stable, and emergency generators have kept the ship's communications equipment running, according to an official from Costa Crociere (known as Costa Cruises in English), the cruise line to which the Costa Allegra belongs. Read more [...]

Costa Cruise Line

Costa Cruise Line is not your average cruise line. Costa Cruise Line happens to be the largest and most innovative cruise company in all of Europe. Costa Cruise Line features more than a dozen ships that travel to dozens of destinations throughout Europe and Scandinavia, the Americas, Pacific Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. Read more [...]
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