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Cruise Deals at Costco

Cruise Deals at Costco You Can Book This Winter

Costco sells food, clothes, shoes, office supplies, batteries, books, and even tires. So, why wouldn’t the company sell cruises? Costco, in fact, has some amazing travel and cruise deals that can get you on a ship to somewhere spectacular for an astoundingly cheap price. Read more [...]
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Costco Cruises from Los Angeles

Along with Miami, New York, and Seatle, Los Angeles is one of Costco's "homeports." This means that there are not only lots of Costco cruises from Los Angeles, but also a number of "featured deals," which are specially discounted cruises offered by Costco. Below is a guide to the Costco cruises from Los Angeles that explains what is available and guides you through the booking process. Read more [...]
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Costco Cruises from Miami

Serving millions of people a year, Port Miami is the largest cruise port in the world, and so it should come as no surprise that there is a constant supply of Costco cruises from Miami throughout the year. Indeed, Miami is considered one of Costco's four "homeports," which among other things means that Costco offers a number of "featured deals" for cruises from Miami in particular. There is, in short, no dearth of Miami cruises offered by Costco, and many of them are quite cheap. To help sort them all out, and to provide you with some booking advice, we have compiled a guide to Costco cruises from Miami. Read more [...]
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Costco River Cruises

To compliment their thousands of regular cruises by sea, Costco also offers an impressive selection of river cruises thanks to their partnership with Viking River Cruises and Uniworld Boutique River Cruises. Costco river cruises are primarily in Europe, but rivers in other parts of the world can also be navigated on a cruise vacation booked via Costco. Below is a guide to Costco river cruises, which outlines some of the options available and explains the best way to go about booking a river cruise Read more [...]
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Costco Cruises with Allure of the Seas

Cruises with the Royal Caribbean's Allure of the Seas are one of the top-selling Costco cruises. Not every cruise offered on the Allure of the Seas is designated as "top-selling" by Costco, but half of them are, as the ship only offer two itineraries, and evidently one sells better than the other. Regardless, the Allure of the Seas is popular among, and highly-rated ship by, Costco members, so below we explain the itineraries of both ships, as well as explain how to book them with Costco Travel. Read more [...]
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Costco Wine Cruises

Wine has long been a part of cruise vacations. This is the case most obviously because wine is an alcoholic beverage, and people like to drink a lot of alcohol on cruises, but wine, conceived as an art and experience, can also serve as a focal point of a cruise, not a mere means to inebriation. Costco's 2015 Buyer's Choice cruises illustrate the central role that wine can play on a cruise, as two of the four options available focus exclusively on wine. Below we provide some information about these Costco wine cruises, which you must book through Costco Travel in order to get the "exclusive extras" that we detail. Read more [...]