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COVID-19 Outbreak on Vaccinated Princess Cruise Ship Sparks Concern

There has been an outbreak of the coronavirus on Ruby Princess. The ship docked in San Francisco on March 28th. Princess announced the cases once the ship arrived in California. One of the reasons why this is such a notable outbreak is because the ship was billed as being "fully vaccinated." This event has sparked concern about the cruise industry and its safety standards, particularly with newly eased warnings from the CDC over cruise travel. Read more [...]

Canceled Cruises from Crystal, Norwegian, Royal

Major cruise lines are continuing the trend of cancelled cruises. As the Omicron variant spreads, the industry is definitely hurting. Read more [...]

CDC Announces End Date for Conditional Sailing Order

The CDC released some pretty big news on October 25th. It seems that there is now a planned end date for the Conditional Sailing Order. Read more [...]

Will Expedition Cruises Make a Healthy Recovery Post-Pandemic?

The future of expedition cruises is uncertain. How will they fare once the pandemic is over? Read more [...]

CDC Releases New Details on Trial Cruises

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has released new details on the trial cruises that they will be requiring cruise lines to do. Read more [...]

When to Expect the Debut of the New Cordelia Cruises

Here's all that we know about Cordelia at the moment and when we can expect the new cruise line to finally hit the seven seas. Read more [...]
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