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What Adults Can Do for Fun on Family Cruises

Many adults struggle figuring out how to have fun on family cruises. We don't blame them. Cruise lines like Disney or Royal Caribbean can seem, at first glance, like they really only cater to the younger crowd. Adrenaline-pumping activities, loud environments, and entertainment designed for kids aren't what most adults are looking for on their cruises. Read more [...]

The Coolest Water Slides on Cruise Ships!

No matter what demographic you fall into, you're bound to be impressed by these amazing slides that exist on cruises. Read more [...]
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4 Reasons to Take a Chance with Your Cruise’s On-Board Health and Wellness Programs

Among the belly flop competitions, silent dance parties, and bingo games, many cruise ships also offer passengers the opportunity to attend various on-board health and wellness programs while at sea. It’s easy to blow off these events as “not for me” but there are a few great reasons to consider going to that brow bar event or fitness seminar. Read more [...]
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Activities for Everyone on a Cruise Ship

Many travelers select a cruise based on the destination such as the warmth of the Caribbean or the breathtaking but much colder wild frontier of Alaska. The shore excursions and vistas are enough to outweigh any travel time on the ship. But there are other vacationers who are interested in keeping busy and partaking in activities while underway as well. And it is important for these active adventurers to know that there is more to do on a cruise ship than sit by the pool and sip a fruity drink Read more [...]
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