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Do You Still Need to Be Vaccinated for COVID-19 to Cruise?

COVID-19 completely changed the cruise industry. One of the biggest shifts for many cruise lines was vaccine requirements. To sail in the middle of the pandemic, ships were forced to only allow vaccinated travelers onboard. However, it is now April 2022. It's been over two years since the start of the pandemic, and things are starting to feel normal again. Naturally, many are starting to wonder if cruise lines are still enforcing COVID-19 vaccine mandates. Let's look at some of the biggest cruise lines out there to get an idea of the situation. Read more [...]

Hong Kong Enacts New Cruise Ban

Hong Kong has just announced a new ban on cruises. This comes after a slew of cruise lines cancelled many of their own itineraries last week. Read more [...]

CDC Announces End Date for Conditional Sailing Order

The CDC released some pretty big news on October 25th. It seems that there is now a planned end date for the Conditional Sailing Order. Read more [...]

Are Cruises Returning to China?

Cruises have been slow to return to many countries around the world. China is certainly among them. Read more [...]

Are Cruise Ship Buffets Gone for Good?

Cruising in the COVID era looks pretty different than before. One of the main changes is the buffets. Read more [...]

COVID Cases Appear on Royal Caribbean’s Odyssey of the Seas

Some bad news from Royal Caribbean: Odyssey of the Seas has just had a small outbreak of COVID-19. Read more [...]
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