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Discount Cruise Options for Mature Travelers

Finding a discount cruise is really not all that difficult but if you are looking for a discount fare on a top notch-cruise, then you might be facing a bit more difficulty. Mature travelers who are not interested in spending their vacation in bunk beds or traveling through the Caribbean with spring break college crowd ships simply need to take advantage of the membership benefits of AARP. Anyone 50 or over is welcome to join for only $15 each year, or even less for a long-term membership. AARP Travel Read more [...]

The Cheapest Cruise Prices

In a previous article, we explained how to find a cheap cruise by detailing some general strategies to land cruise deals or find cruises that are in one way or another discounted. We covered such topics as last-minute cruise deals and off-season cruises, both of which must always be kept in mind if you are trying to find the cheapest cruises. At bottom, our advice boiled down to this: the best way to find cheap cruises is to pay special attention to when you book your cruise. When you book your cruise is the single biggest determinate to how cheap your cruise will be. Read more [...]

Alaska Cruise Deals

Because of the popularity of this type of cruise adventure, there are many different types of cruise deals available for serious bargain hunters. While it is possible to find Alaska cruise deals just about any time of the year, there are some times that are better than others to catch the very best specials. Read more [...]

Cruise Discounts

If you are willing to consider taking a cruise during your upcoming vacation, you could enjoy some of the best cruise discounts the industry has ever offered. Not only this, but besides offering cruise discounts as an incentive to get people cruising, cruise lines offer cruise discounts for booking early, booking last minute, booking off-season, booking online or booking with a group. Read more [...]

Cheap Cruise

If you think finding a cheap cruise is a crapshoot during a time when everything seems so costly, think again! Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to have a huge amount of expendable income to take a cruise and you don't have to be retired to enjoy discounts on cruises. There are so many cruise lines and types of cruises available today that you can hop on a cruise for the weekend for a few hundred dollars or spend little more than $500 or so to take a 5-7 day cruise to, say, the Caribbean. Cruise lines are competing for consumer dollars as we speak, so now is the best time to enjoy a cheap cruise! Read more [...]

Carnival Cruise Discounts

Founded in 1972, Carnival Cruise Lines is the world's leading cruise line, due (in part) to the sheer volume of passengers opting for a Carnival Cruise each year. The upside to the popularity of Carnival Cruise Lines is the high number of Carnival Cruise discounts you can find through just about any outlet on the planet. This coupled with the fact that 12 million people choose to cruise each year -- so the competition for your bucks is fierce -- means you are virtually guaranteed an excellent rate on a Carnival Cruise. If you want to take it a step further and dive into "dirt cheap" territory, there are many ways to score even more Carnival Cruise discounts. Read more [...]
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