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Why Passengers Should Appreciate Their Cruise Line Crew

For those who are thinking about spending a year or two seeing the world from a cruise ship, you might want to think again. It is not the life that we all saw in the far from realistic “Love Boat” television show. Read more [...]

The Best Cruise Ship Jobs

Many people are interested in finding a cruise ship job. Jobs on cruise ships are a highly unique form of employment, offering some of the securities of a traditional job (salary, health insurance, etc.), but with a work environment that is anything but traditional. There are many different types of jobs available through cruise lines, and positions are always open because there is a high rate of turnover in the cruise ship industry. (People tend to drift in and out of cruise ship jobs, often in accordance with the changing demands of the cruising seasons. For more on this, check out our article on the general characteristics of cruise ship jobs.) So, there are plenty of jobs in the cruise industry to be had, but what are some of the best cruise ship jobs? Read more [...]

Cruise Ship Jobs: The Daily Details

We’ve written articles about the general characteristics of cruise ship jobs and the many different cruise ship jobs available. However, we haven’t written about some of the details of working on a cruise ship, like living arrangements and amenities offered to crew members. In this article, we address this aspect of cruise ship jobs, explaining some of the specifics of working on a cruise ship. While the information below has broad applicability to cruise ship jobs, it should be noted that there are many different positions to hold on cruise ships and many different cruise lines to work for, meaning the specifics may vary from cruise ship to cruise ship and from position to position. Read more [...]

The Many Cruise Ship Jobs Available

Cruise ship jobs are both numerous and varied. Jobs on cruise ships are numerous because of the enormity of cruise ships, and they are varied because of the many different services and forms of entertainment offered on cruise ships. Some vessels have crews that exceed 2,000 people in number, and the cruise ship jobs held by this army of people range from the simple to the highly complex. In a previous article, we described some of the general characteristics of cruise ship jobs, so in this article we look at some of the specific positions that people may hold on cruise ships. Read more [...]

Cruise Ship Jobs: General Characteristics

So you want a job on a cruise ship, eh? Fortunately, there are an enormous number of possible jobs on cruise ships, and moreover, cruise ship jobs are almost always in need of filling. In this article, we'll look at some of general characteristics of cruise ship jobs, explaining what cruise ships jobs are and how they compare to other jobs. Read more [...]

How to Get a Job on a Cruise Ship

The title “crewmember” refers to all ship personnel. Most people think only deckhands, the captain, and engineers fall into this category. They do, but so do the other staff members on the ship. Read more [...]