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How to Find and Book Family Cruise Packages

As we explained in our previous article about family cruise packages, the word "package," when used in a context related to vacations, tends to imply discounted travel. People look for "package deals," like a cruise-flight combo, in the hope of saving money. However, there are few discounts for a group of cruise passengers that are offered only on the basis of that group being a family. Regardless, there are ways to save money while taking a family cruise, even if these deals aren't marketed as a "family cruise package." One can think of them this way, though, and below we show you how to find and book these family cruise packages. Read more [...]

Family Cruise Packages

There is a lot packed into the phrase "family cruise package." Obviously, someone looking for family cruise packages is considering (or at least researching) family cruises, but they could also be hunting for some sort of discount or other deal, as the word "package" seems to suggest. (When someone books a fight-and-hotel package, for instance, they often do so for the savings.) So, we have two questions to address: can booking a family cruise package save you money, and why might you want to take a family cruise? Read more [...]

Group Cruise Packages

As long as people are interested in taking cruises, they will be interested in taking cheap cruises. Cruise deals are heavily pursued, and it is one of the topics on which we regularly write. However, we have not dedicated much space to group cruise packages - that is, the deals you may be able to get for booking a cruise vacation as a group - or in any case we have not treated group cruise packages as a standalone category (they tend to come up in connection to the broader question of how to find cheap cruises). So, what exactly is a group cruise package, and how might you go about getting such a package? Read more [...]

Top Five Fly-Cruise Deals for Winter 2011

First, fares are per person (two to a cabin), per night. Next, fly-cruise deals sell out fast, so always book early. And finally, early booking can also help you save even more, so talk to a cruise travel specialist for details. Read more [...]