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Cruise Patrol (Not the Gay Male Porn Site)

If you search for "cruise patrol" with innocent intentions, as we recently did, you'll be surprised to learn that Cruise Patrol is actually the name of a porn site aimed at the gay-male audience. This isn't necessarily a problem - it's just that when you search a seemingly innocuous phrase like "cruise patrol" for reasons unrelated to gay porn, you're probably expecting information about a cruise ship-security outfit, or perhaps some sort of police force that patrols the open waters, protecting cruise vacationers from pirates and other threats. Read more [...]

Cruise Patrol

Cruise Patrol is an adult website featuring adult entertainment specifically for the gay male. It is important to note that this website is not intended for anyone under 18 years of age or anyone who may be offended by this type of material. If you are easily offended, this website is not for you and the Cruise Patrol website has made every effort to deter individuals who may be offended by pornographic material such as this. Read more [...]