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Three Cruise Ships with Bad Reviews

For the most part, most major cruise lines get very good reviews. But there are a few cruise ships that have received very poor reviews. Read more [...]

Cruise Line Profiles: TUI Cruises

If you've never taken a cruise with TUI and are curious to see what the hype is all about, let us break it down for you. Read more [...]

Azamara Cruise Reviews

Founded in 2007, Azamara Club Cruises is a fairly new cruise line, and it is also rather small, with the Azamara fleet consisting of only two modestly-sized ships that can hold about 700 passengers each. As a consequence, Azamara is not particularly well-known, at least relative to the giants of the cruise industry, like Carnival and Royal Caribbean. (The parent company of the latter - Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. - owns Azamara, for the record.) Despite its lower profile, however, plenty has been written about the cruise line, and there are a number of Azamara cruise reviews, which is what we are currently focused on. Prospective passengers are always keen to read cruise reviews, so we figured it would be helpful to compile some information about Azamara cruise reviews for those interested in traveling with the small, upscale cruise line. Read more [...]

Cruise Critics and Where to Find Cruise Reviews

A cruise critic is of course a critic of cruises – that is, one who writes reviews of cruises – but what exactly does this mean, and how do they differ from other types of critics, like film or book critics? And, on a related note, where can you find reviews of cruises? We’ll briefly look at what a cruise critic is, and then we’ll point you to helpful cruise reviews, like those found on Cruise Critic ( and Cruise Reviews ( Read more [...]

What is Cruise Critic?

Cruise Critic is one of the largest websites in existence today dedicated to cruising and even offers the most information available on some of the most specific types of cruises around such as gay cruses, soft adventure cruises, and even singles cruises, to name a few. Read more [...]

Cruise Reviews

One of the most important tools that you can use to help evaluate any given cruise, cruise line or cruise ship is a cruise review. And not just any cruise review -- cruise reviews that have been written by people just like you! While there are hundreds, if not thousands of cruise reviews websites available today, there are a few that have become the most popular (and most reliable) cruise reviews websites available today. Read more [...]