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Carnival Cruises Exploring the Panama Canal

Carnival Cruise Line offers a number of cruises that regularly pass through the 51 mile long Panama Canal connecting the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans. Read more [...]
Transcanal Cruise

Panama Canal Cruises: What Does “Partial Transit” Mean?

If you have ever looked into cruises to the Panama Canal or transcanal cruises, you've probably seen the phrase "partial transit" (or potentially "partial crossing"). As you might have guessed, "partial transit" means that the cruise ship does not fully traverse the Panama Canal, but merely goes part of the way through it and then turns around, exiting through its point of entry. This is, in the simplest terms, what "partial transit" means in the context of a Panama Canal cruise. However, much more can be said about partial transit cruises of the Panama Canal, which is why we have dedicated an article to the subject. Exactly what does partial transit of the Panama Canal entail, and how can you go about booking one of these cruises? Read more [...]
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How to Book a Panama Canal Cruise

In a previous article, we explained what cruises to the Panama Canal are, and we also distinguished them from transcanal cruises, or cruises that sail all the way through the Panama Canal. (Confusingly, both are called "Panama Canal cruises" in certain instances.) It turns out that booking a cruise to the Panama Canal is somewhat difficult. Well, "difficult" isn't really the right word, as there is nothing particularly complicated about booking a cruise to the Panama Canal - it is just that many of the cruises to the Panama Canal aren't marketed as such. So, below we explain how to book a Panama Canal cruise, and also how to go about finding them. Read more [...]