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Singles Cruises: Which Cruise Lines Offer Singles Cruises?

Singles cruises, as we explained in a recent article about this form of cruise vacation, are many things. While the focus of many a singles cruise is on dating and meeting other singles with an eye toward romance, this is by no means the only reason you might want to take a singles cruise vacation. There are singles cruises for specific age groups and other demographics (like religious groups), and not all the singles that take such cruises are interested in finding a romantic partner. They might merely be looking to meet other like-minded people who share their interests, or they might only be interested in forming friendships with individuals who are at a similar stage in their lives as themselves. No matter your reason for taking a singles cruise, it is relevant to know which of the many cruise lines offer singles cruises. And so we aim to answer this simple question: what cruise lines offer singles cruises? Read more [...]

Singles Cruises: To Where Can You Take a Singles Cruise?

Singles cruises are cruises for singles - that much is clear. What is perhaps less known about singles cruises is that they are not strictly for those looking for romantic encounters with other singles, as we explained in a recent article about single cruises. Singles cruises therefore have broader appeal than you might expect, and so we thought it would be helpful to write an article that answers this question: to where can you take a singles cruise? Read more [...]

Cruises Only (

Cruises Only is a website ( that aggregates different cruise deals, much like sites such as Travelocity aggregate different deals from airlines, hotels, and so on. Although the name implies otherwise, Cruises Only is actually not about cruises only, as you can find offerings that are not related to cruise vacations through the site; for example, you can book car rentals through the site. However, the Cruises Only focuses overwhelming on cruises, listing cruise deals, discount cruises, last-minute cruise specials, and similar such things. Read more [...]

Cruise Vacations: Where Can You Go?

Cruise vacations are among the most variable vacations available. There are literally thousands of different cruise vacations to select from. Some of the aspects that you can control are the length of your cruise vacation, the time of year you want to take it, and the cruise line that provides it. It is also up to you to select the destination(s) you want to visit and the area of the world you want to sail through, and it is this aspect of cruise vacations that we focus on in the present article. That is, we are interested in answering one simple question: where can you go on a cruise vacation? Read more [...]

Cruise Vacations – Why Take One? The Top 5 Reasons to Go on a Cruise

Why take a cruise vacation? It is a simple question, and its answer might seem obvious to those who love taking cruise vacations. A more appropriate question might be: why on earth would you not want to go on a cruise? Although there are a couple of possible answers to the negative formulation of the question (the high price of some cruises comes to mind), we also tend to think it's pretty obvious why cruise vacations are awesome. Just the same, we've compiled the following list of reasons to take a cruise vacation. We'll be really inventive and call it: The Top Five Reasons to Go on a Cruise. Read more [...]

Cruise Vacations: How to Prepare

Going on a cruise vacation is a wonderful thing, which helps explain why cruise vacations are so popular. A cruise vacation can serve as a perfect escape, and taking a cruise is also a great way to see the world in a leisurely manner. Yes, cruise vacations have a lot going for them. However, an unduly-neglected aspect about cruise vacations (and indeed of vacations in general) is the preparatory measures one must take before embarking on a cruise. In this article, we explain some of the key ways to prepare for a cruise vacation. Read more [...]
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