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How to Get a Job on a Cruise Ship

The title “crewmember” refers to all ship personnel. Most people think only deckhands, the captain, and engineers fall into this category. They do, but so do the other staff members on the ship. Read more [...]

Celebrity X Cruise Jobs

To learn about current cruise ship jobs on Celebrity X Cruises, follow the job search or jobs onboard links. Once you have found an opening that you are interested in, you must follow the application instructions carefully to be considered for the position. Read more [...]

Dental Assistant Jobs on Cruise Ships

Dental assistants on cruise ships are typically needed for longer journeys. If you are interested in a dental assistant position on a cruise ship, stick to luxury cruise lines that sail internationally and cruise lines with Transatlantic crossings. Read more [...]

Landscape Specialist Jobs on Cruise Ships

Aspiring landscape specialists on cruise ships must have experience plus degree in botany, horticulture, arboriculture, or ornamental horticulture. Ships also require thorough knowledge of horticulture requirements of ornamental plants and safe use of insecticides and fertilizers, including knowledge of integrated pest management methods. Read more [...]

Sales Jobs on Cruise Ships

Individuals that work in sales positions are responsible for marketing cruise line vacations, specials, and discounts. Cruise line salespersons may meet with travel agencies, businesses, and organizations to promote the cruise line. In addition to in-person visits, salespersons may do cold calling and consulting work. Read more [...]

Casino Jobs on Cruise Ships

All casino applicants must also be 21 years of age, speak fluent English, have a clean criminal background, meaning, no felony convictions, and they must pass a drug test. Identification is required as well and the only acceptable forms of identification are a passport or driver’s license. Read more [...]
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