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Cruise Lines that Cater to Vegans and Serve Amazing Vegan Food

Vegans sometimes have a hard time finding food to eat on a cruise. It’s difficult, and discouraging, to pick through loads of menus, buffet items, and snacks just to find something to nourish them while they’re cruising. There is hope, though, for vegans that want to see the world and sail to amazing places. The answer lies in booking a cruise with the right cruise line, in particular choosing a cruise that will cater to a vegan diet by sometimes even offering only vegan food on the ship. There are a few dedicated vegan cruise companies that only serve animal-free foods, such as Vegan River Cruises, and there are some cruise lines that go out of their way to make sure animal rights supporters have tasty fare too (some of the big-name cruise lines, we’re happy to report). Read more [...]
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