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Love is in the Air on Viking River Cruises Romantic Danube Cruise

We know it’s past Valentine’s Day, and that’s when people usually talk about the romantic cruises they’re taking. But, we think love should be in the air every day, so we want to tell you about a super love-inspiring and creating cruise we found out about. Read more [...]
Viking Bragi

Viking Bragi Review

Viking Bragi is a ship that many cruisers love, so we thought we’d offer a little review of the vessel. She sails from the Rhine to the Danube, providing river cruises with opportunities for passengers to enjoy land tours in many instances. If you’re considering sailing Viking Bragi, or if you’re booking on an upcoming trip on the ship, here are some details you might find interesting.b Read more [...]
Crystal River Cruises

Crystal River Cruises: Danube, Rhine, and Other Cruises Rated the Best in the World

Crystal River Cruises offers an unparalleled experience cruising the most gorgeous rivers in the world, including the Danube and the Rhine. The Crystal cruise line presents travelers with luxurious and extraordinary options for cruising through the most spectacular parts of Europe, with all-suite accommodations on grand yachts and journeys that are significant in terms of their cultural offerings. Read more [...]

Vegan Meals and Goodies on a Vegan River Cruise

We’ve told you about a few amazing cruises offered by Vegan River Cruises, including stories about the fantastic rivers in Europe that the line travels to. But, we haven’t dedicated an entire post to the gourmet cuisine that guests get to indulge in on these cruises. Vegan River Cruises treats passengers to 100% vegan meals, snacks, and beverages that are part of a complete gastronomic adventure. Read more [...]

Sail with Fat Gay Vegan and Vegan River Cruises this October

We’ve got another vegan cruise to tell you about and this one, like all the other vegan cruises we’ve posted about, is going to be a spectacular journey for anyone who can get a ticket. Vegan travelers, of course, are going crazy about Vegan River Cruises’ 7-Night journey to the South of France – which will feature appearances by online personality Fat Gay Vegan. Cruise lovers who aren’t yet vegan are excited about this amazing cruise as well. All travelers will eat outstanding, healthy, and cruelty-free food as they voyage from Arles to Chalon-sur-Saone – with a fun blogger as a cruise buddy. What an adventure! Read more [...]
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