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dining cruise Hawaii Island

Dining Cruises on Hawaii Island, the Big Island: A Guide

Warm weather throughout the year, a steady flow of tourists, and easy access to the ocean make the Island of Hawaii - a.k.a. Hawaii Island and the Big Island - an excellent place for dining cruises, which take the form of both lunch and dinner cruises. However, like similar cruises on Oahu, the dining cruises on the Island of Hawaii are a bit difficult to make sense of. They aren't exactly hard to find, but it is hard to figure out exactly who offers what, in large part because a lot of information about cruises is duplicated and spread across multiple websites. Thus, in the following guide we identify (and link to) the actual companies that offer the dining cruises (as opposed to third-party vendors), and we also provide a couple of helpful notes on booking dining cruises on the Big Island. Read more [...]
Dining Cruises Oahu

Dining Cruises in Oahu, Hawaii: A Guide

Thanks to Honolulu, Oahu is by far the most populated of the Hawaiian Islands, and presumably it is this large population, combined with a steady flow of tourists all year, that supports the wide array of dining cruises offered on the island. The number and diversity of dining cruises on Oahu can in fact be a bit overwhelming. A few basic searches online will turn up a sea of results, making it hard to figure out exactly what's on offer. This is especially true since so many of the entities "offering" dining cruises from Oahu are actually third-party sellers, which creates a lot of duplicate information scattered across various websites. Basically, there is a lot to wade through when looking for dining cruises on Oahu, so we have attempted to gather up the most relevant details and distill it into the following guide. Our main objective is to determine who offers what, but we'll conclude with a couple of notes about booking a dining cruise from Oahu. Read more [...]
dining cruises Seattle

Dining Cruises in Seattle: A Guide

As you might expect of a major city on the coast, there are dining cruises in Seattle. Indeed, there are a great variety of dining cruises - including brunch, lunch, and dinner cruises, as well as several themed dinner cruises - and they are offered by three different companies: Waterways Cruises and Events, Argosy Cruises, and Queen of Seattle. As is so often the case, though, these cruises aren't always easy to find, particularly because the diverse set of offerings are spread across different companies. To help you find a dining cruise in Seattle, we have composed the following guide, which will give you an idea of what cruises are available and how they can be booked. Read more [...]
dining cruises in Fairbanks

Dining Cruises in Fairbanks, Alaska: A Guide

Thanks to the Chena River, which runs right through the middle of town, Fairbanks, Alaska is a great place to take a dining cruise. As you might expect of a modestly sized city of 32,000 residents, there is only one company/boat, Sternwheeler Tanana Chief, that offers these dining cruises - more precisely brunch and dinner cruises - but they are offered regularly, so there are plenty of river-based dining opportunities. Below is an overview of all the relevant details of the dining cruises in Fairbanks. Read more [...]
dining cruise seward

Dining Cruises from Seward, Alaska to Kanai Fjords and Fox Island

If you are hungry and in Seward, Alaska, you might consider one of the dining cruises, which are pretty amazing culinary opportunities that may not be possible in any other part of the world. We have written a lot about dining cruises in various cities across the U.S., but none of them are quite like the ones that sail out of Seward into the Kanai Fjords, which combine hearty meals with wildlife tours and potentially even whale watching. One of the dining cruises from Seward goes to Fox Island, whereas the others sail around Resurrection Bay or the broader waters surrounding Kenai Fjords National Park. Read more [...]
Portland Spirit

Dining Cruises in Portland, Oregon: A Guide

Portland, Oregon, being a large city with a river at its center, is a natural place for dining cruises, and this business opportunity has been seized by Portland Spirit. It is the only company that offers dining cruises in Portland, and they offer them for brunch, lunch, and dinner. Below we outline what is available, and also explain how to go about booking a dining cruise in Portland. Portland is one of the few cities with dining cruises that aren't operated by either Hornblower Cruises or Entertainment Read more [...]
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