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Dining Cruises on Hawaii Island, the Big Island: A Guide

Warm weather throughout the year, a steady flow of tourists, and easy access to the ocean make the Island of Hawaii - a.k.a. Hawaii Island and the Big Island - an excellent place for dining cruises, which take the form of both lunch and dinner cruises. However, like similar cruises on Oahu, the dining cruises on the Island of Hawaii are a bit difficult to make sense of. They aren't exactly hard to find, but it is hard to figure out exactly who offers what, in large part because a lot of information about cruises is duplicated and spread across multiple websites. Thus, in the following guide we identify (and link to) the actual companies that offer the dining cruises (as opposed to third-party vendors), and we also provide a couple of helpful notes on booking dining cruises on the Big Island. Read more [...]
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