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dining cruise Hawaii Island

Dining Cruises on Hawaii Island, the Big Island: A Guide

Warm weather throughout the year, a steady flow of tourists, and easy access to the ocean make the Island of Hawaii - a.k.a. Hawaii Island and the Big Island - an excellent place for dining cruises, which take the form of both lunch and dinner cruises. However, like similar cruises on Oahu, the dining cruises on the Island of Hawaii are a bit difficult to make sense of. They aren't exactly hard to find, but it is hard to figure out exactly who offers what, in large part because a lot of information about cruises is duplicated and spread across multiple websites. Thus, in the following guide we identify (and link to) the actual companies that offer the dining cruises (as opposed to third-party vendors), and we also provide a couple of helpful notes on booking dining cruises on the Big Island. Read more [...]
Portland Spirit

Dining Cruises in Portland, Oregon: A Guide

Portland, Oregon, being a large city with a river at its center, is a natural place for dining cruises, and this business opportunity has been seized by Portland Spirit. It is the only company that offers dining cruises in Portland, and they offer them for brunch, lunch, and dinner. Below we outline what is available, and also explain how to go about booking a dining cruise in Portland. Portland is one of the few cities with dining cruises that aren't operated by either Hornblower Cruises or Entertainment Read more [...]
Bateaux New York

Bateaux New York: Dining Cruises

Bateaux New York is a dining cruise company that is based in, not surprisingly, New York. In addition to brunch, lunch, and dinner cruises, the company offers special dining cruises for holidays, and the ship, which is also called Bateaux New York, can be chartered for corporate events or private parties too. The following is a guide to Bateaux New York, which explains exactly what the company offers, as well as fits these offerings within the larger range of cruises offered by Entertainment Cruises, the company that owns Bateaux New York. Read more [...]
Valentine's Day dinner cruises

Valentine’s Day Cruises in San Diego

If you find yourself in San Diego for Valentine's Day and are in need of a romantic idea for a date, look no further than a Valentine's Day cruise. There are several excellent cruises designed to celebrate the holiday in San Diego, ranging from private gondola rides with The Gondola Company to elaborate dinner cruises with Hornblower and Flagship. Below we outline the Valentine's Day cruises in San Diego, pointing you toward the companies that offer them and detailing their offerings. Read more [...]
Valentine's Day dinner cruises

Valentine’s Day Cruises in San Francisco

San Francisco is a good place to spend Valentine's Day, and on the San Francisco Bay is an even better place to spend Valentine's Day. Most of the Valentine's Day cruises in San Francisco involve having a meal on the water, and these are the cruises we will focus on since they are the most centered on celebrating the holiday itself, but we will touch on a couple of other possibilities as well. Regardless of how you want to incorporate San Francisco Bay into your romantic weekend, there should be something that appeals to you. Read more [...]
Valentine's Day dinner cruises

Valentine’s Day Dinner Cruises in New York City

There are no doubt many things to do in New York City on Valentine's Day. The city is loaded with first-rate restaurants and world-class entertainment opportunities, so a night could take any number of directions and still live up to the high romantic standards of Valentine's Day. However, one of the more distinctive possibilities we have seen in NYC is a Valentine's Day dinner cruise. These cruises are offered all over the world on Valentine's Day, but there seems to be a particularly high concentration in New York City, and NYC also happens to be an especially good place to take a dinner cruise. We have collected details about the Valentine's Day dinner cruises in NYC, and below we have organized them into a guide for easy reference. Read more [...]