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Discount Cruise Options for Mature Travelers

Finding a discount cruise is really not all that difficult but if you are looking for a discount fare on a top notch-cruise, then you might be facing a bit more difficulty. Mature travelers who are not interested in spending their vacation in bunk beds or traveling through the Caribbean with spring break college crowd ships simply need to take advantage of the membership benefits of AARP. Anyone 50 or over is welcome to join for only $15 each year, or even less for a long-term membership. AARP Travel Read more [...]
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Discover the Perks of a Repositioning Cruise

Did you ever wonder what happens to the cruise ships that sail around Alaska in the summertime when winter rolls around? If you checked into that question, you would have learned about a somewhat unknown event called a repositioning cruise. This is how cruise lines move a ship to a new home port without the huge expense of sailing with an empty boat. The repositioning can be due to a routine seasonal change, the ship going to a new home port or even the ship traveling to a new port for a retrofit Read more [...]
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Beware of Hidden Costs on Discount Cruises

Everyone enjoys find a great deal on the cost of a cruise. But beware of the unexpected costs or hidden fees that can make discount cruises outrageously expensive. You might think that your airfare and the cost of the cruise are going to be your only vacation expenses but that can be very far from the truth. What does “All Inclusive” Mean? The term “all inclusive” can have a great many different meanings depending on the cruise line or booking agent who used it. A true luxury cruise Read more [...]

Repositioning Cruises: What Kinds of Discounts and Deals are Available?

Having explained the basics of repositioning cruises and described the sort of people who can take transitional cruises (as repositioning cruises are sometimes known), we figured we should now delve into the specific types of cruises you can take. After all, even if you gathered that you like the idea of repositioning cruises and have determined you are able to take one after reading these first two articles, this still doesn't tell you much about what possibilities actually await you when you start looking into taking a repositioning cruise. Where and when exactly can you take a repositioning cruise? What kinds of deals or discounts can you get by taking a repositioning cruise? To these and similar questions we now turn our attention. Read more [...]

How to Find Cheap Cruises

Everyone likes cheap cruises, but how can you go about securing great cruise deals? With the enormous amount of information about cheap cruises available, it can be hard to discover the best deals for cruises, so we’ve compiled the following general advice for finding cruise discounts to help guide you. No matter what kind of cruise you are interested in taking, these deal-hunting tips should help you find a cheap cruise. Read more [...]

Where Can I Find Discount Cruises?

Discounted cruises are often available during slow or shoulder seasons in year round destinations. For example, Alaska's slow season is May-September, and Bermuda's slow seasons are April-May and September-October. Read more [...]
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