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Repositioning Cruises: What Kinds of Discounts and Deals are Available?

Having explained the basics of repositioning cruises and described the sort of people who can take transitional cruises (as repositioning cruises are sometimes known), we figured we should now delve into the specific types of cruises you can take. After all, even if you gathered that you like the idea of repositioning cruises and have determined you are able to take one after reading these first two articles, this still doesn't tell you much about what possibilities actually await you when you start looking into taking a repositioning cruise. Where and when exactly can you take a repositioning cruise? What kinds of deals or discounts can you get by taking a repositioning cruise? To these and similar questions we now turn our attention. Read more [...]

How to Find Cheap Cruises

Everyone likes cheap cruises, but how can you go about securing great cruise deals? With the enormous amount of information about cheap cruises available, it can be hard to discover the best deals for cruises, so we’ve compiled the following general advice for finding cruise discounts to help guide you. No matter what kind of cruise you are interested in taking, these deal-hunting tips should help you find a cheap cruise. Read more [...]

Cheap Cruises for April

If you book at the very last minute during the month of April, you may enjoy savings up to 75%. Other ways to score cheap cruises in April include booking with a group, taking advantage of package deals, booking online, and booking with popular cruise lines. Read more [...]

Cheap Cruises 2011

If you book with a group (family, group of friends, organization, etc.), the cruise line may offer a discounted rate beginning with the third person or so. Once the discount has been calculated, your group can split the costs evenly. Read more [...]

Top Five Fly-Cruise Deals for Winter 2011

First, fares are per person (two to a cabin), per night. Next, fly-cruise deals sell out fast, so always book early. And finally, early booking can also help you save even more, so talk to a cruise travel specialist for details. Read more [...]

Cheap Late Cruise Deals

The way cheap late cruise deals work is simple. Pick a cruise, any cruise, and if it is not booked several months before the departure date, the cruise line will automatically reduce the prices on all empty cabins. Read more [...]