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Cruise Ship Food and Drink Tips for First Time Cruisers

The cruise industry does a pretty good job of getting all travelers excited about the wide assortment of food and drinks offered during a cruise. The photos of the mile-long buffet and the immaculate accommodations in the formal dining room are enough to make even the most particular foodies excited about the cuisine. But there are a few little-known tidbits of information about the meal and drink options on a cruise ship that only the most experienced cruisers know and benefit from. Unlimited Read more [...]
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Why Cruise Lines Don’t Allow Passengers to BYOB

Many travelers look at the rules prohibiting passengers from bringing their own alcohol on board as just another way to make more money from the already “captive audience”. These people pride themselves on being able to sneak alcohol onto the ship in their luggage using flasks designed to look like a shampoo bottle or in a specially designed plastic bag “flask” that can easily be concealed among clothing. But there are far more important reasons other than the profit margin that requires Read more [...]
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