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Windridge Yacht Charters

Windridge Yacht Charters: Customized Dining Cruises

Windridge Yacht Charters is one of the several dining cruise companies owned by Entertainment Cruises. The company is in some ways a mix between Spirit Cruises and Elite Private Yachts. Like the former, Windridge Yacht Charters offers dining cruises - like brunch and dinner cruises - that are open to the public, but their main focus is on private yacht charters, like the latter. So, Windridge Yacht Charters markets itself as a company that offers customized private cruises, but they also offer specialty dining cruises with some regularity that anyone can book. To sort out exactly what the company is about, we have compiled the following guide to Windridge Yacht Charters. Read more [...]
elite private yachts

Elite Private Yachts: Personalized Dining Cruises

Elite Private Yachts is one of the several dining cruise companies owned by Entertainment Cruises. However, as their name implies, Elite Private Yachts primarily offers private dining cruises, not brunch, lunch, and dinner cruises that are open to the public, which is what most of the Entertainment Cruises companies focus on. (Elite Private Yachts does occasionally offer specialty dining cruises that can be booked by anyone, but these are rare.) We have compiled the following guide to Elite Private Yachts for anyone interested in chartering a ship in Boston, Chicago, New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington DC, the six cities in which the company operates. Read more [...]
entertainment cruises

Entertainment Cruises: Dining Cruises and More

Entertainment Cruises operates sightseeing cruises and dining cruises in several major U.S. cities. Many of their ships can also be chartered for private events, like weddings and business parties. The company is perhaps best thought of as a conglomerate that operates several smaller, but closely related, cruise companies, including the large dining cruise operator Spirit Cruises. Between all these companies and the numerous ships spread among them, Entertainment Cruises is a major force in the dining cruise and yacht chartering industry. Read more [...]

City Lights Cruises

Los Angeles and San Francisco have a wide variety of vessels to choose from. In Los Angeles guests may choose to sail aboard the Royal Princess, the Spirit of Newport, or Ambassador. In San Francisco, guests can cruise on Fume Blanc, Zinfandel, or Pinot Noir. Read more [...]
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