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The Features of the Epic Cruise Ship

The Epic cruise ship is an alternative name for the Norwegian Epic, the largest cruise ship (at least until the Breakaway and Breakaway Plus are built) in the Norwegian Cruise Line fleet. In our previous article about this vessel, we covered the basics of its size and history, but we were unable to cover what is distinctive about the Norwegian Epic. The ship boasts a number of unique features, and even though it has only been operating for a few years, it has attracted a lot of attention, mostly positive. The ship has also been highly innovative in its design and entertainment offerings, pushing the cruising industry to ever higher standards. Read more [...]

Epic Cruise Ship

By "Epic cruise ship," one of two things could be meant. First, when the phrase is spelled with all lowercase letters and is preceded by an indefinite article - "an epic cruise ship" - it only means any given cruise ship that might be described as "epic" (probably in the sense of "awesome" or "great," not "of or relating to an epic poem"). However, "Epic cruise ship" might also refer to the Norwegian Epic, the largest cruise ship in the Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) fleet and at one point the third largest cruise ship in the world. It is to the Norwegian Epic that we focus on in the present article. Read more [...]
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