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The Eye Surgery Ship

Most people go on cruises to take a vacation. Taking a cruise is about relaxing, traveling around the world a bit, and not much else. However, there are several types of cruises that are taken for reasons that are unrelated to vacationing, like medical cruises. Medical cruises often focus on educating medical professionals (with on-board conferences, meetings, etc.), but at least a few different cruise ships offer voyages that focus on some form of patient care. A prime example of this latter type of cruise is an eye surgery cruise. As far as our research suggests, there has only been one eye surgery cruise ship, and the ship appears to have ceased functioning many years ago, but the story of the eye surgery ship and the man behind it is extraordinary and inspiring. The eye surgery ship may no longer be taking passengers, but the mere fact that is ever existed is an awesome example of two seemingly unrelated things - eye surgery and cruise ships - coming together for the sake of good. Read more [...]