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Princess Cruises Did Not Ignore Stranded Fishing Boat, Says Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises is being sued in federal court in Miami for allegedly ignoring a fishing boat in distress, which is illegal under both U.S. and international maritime law. The suit is being brought against the cruise company by Adrian Vasquez, the only one of three men on the stranded vessel who survived the ordeal, and the families of the two men who perished. The fishing boat, which was called the Fifty Cent, was 100 miles from land in March when the Princess Cruises ship Star Princess allegedly passed the ship without offering any assistance, despite the fact that Vasquez and another fisherman on board the imperiled vessel frantically waved a shirt and life jacket to try catch the ship's attention. As targets of lawsuits tend to do, Princess Cruises is denying the chargers, pointing to both video and photographic evidence to make its case. However, Princess Cruises is battling a narrative told by not only the plaintiffs, but also by Judy Meredith and few other passengers on board the Star Princess at the time of the incident. Read more [...]
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