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A Floating Silicon Valley? Introducing Blueseed, the Newest Dream for a City at Sea

Lots of people want to start a technology company, lots of people want to work in the United States, and lots of people want to found a tech start-up and work in the United States. While starting a technology company is theoretically possible in many parts of the world, perhaps no place is as hospitable to the enterprise as Silicon Valley, land of the tech giants and source of seemingly endless investment resources. However, not just anyone can work in the U.S. (you need a work visa), but one might be able to work near the U.S., like on the Blueseed, a ship that, if built, would be a floating city of tech start ups where employees can both work and live long-term. Blueseed, which is both the name of the potential ship and the company that hopes to build it, would float 12 miles off the coast of California, in close proximity to Silicon Valley, but not subject to U.S. immigration laws, giving international tech start ups access to American resources without the hassle of work visas. Read more [...]