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Whale Watching Cruises in Glacier Bay, Alaska: A Guide

We had quite a bit of difficulty coming up with the name of this article - "Whale Watching Cruises in Glacier Bay, Alaska" - because it is hard to define the precise region in which these whale watching cruises take place. The whale watching cruises we are referring to are offered in what is roughly the Glacier Bay National Park area, but the real focus of the cruises is Point Adolphus, one of the best places in the world to see Humpback whales. However, the whale watching also takes place near the Icy Strait Point, which is to the southeast of Point Adolphus. Most whale watching outfits in this area can't really be said to be based "in" or "at" any of these locations, though; instead, they primarily operate out of Gustavus, Alaska, an extremely small town with an airport. Moreover, the whale watching cruises in the Glacier Bay area take totally different forms, and there is really only one company that offers standard whale watching cruises. In short, the situation is complex, so below we sort out the whale watching scene in and around Glacier Bay. Read more [...]