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Holiday Cruises 2012

Are you interested in taking a holiday cruise in 2012? There are a number of holiday cruises planned for the 2012 season, but time is running out, so you should start planning now if you hope to book one before the new year. When the goal is to take a cruise vacation during a particular time of year (like, say, the holiday season of 2012), it is not unusual to start planning many months (indeed, even a year or more) in advance. This means that many cruises set for the 2012 holidays are or are nearly fully booked. However, there are plenty of cruises that are not yet fully booked, and since cruise lines hate to send off any ship that is not filled with passengers, there are often last-minute cruise deals to be had, and this applies to 2012 holiday cruises as well. Below you will find information about holiday cruises in 2012, as well as some general guidance for finding and booking a specific 2012 holiday cruise. Read more [...]