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Huge Hurtigruten Sale for Fourth of July

Fourth of July is winding down, but there's one more thing to get excited about. Hurtigruten just launched a huge sale on their website! Read more [...]

Why You Should Take a Norwegian Fjords Cruise

If cruising the Norwegian fjords isn't something that's on your bucket list, it's time to add it. Read more [...]

Why You Should Go on a Polar Cruise

Here are just a few of the reasons why a polar cruise might be right for you. Read more [...]

The Best Luxury Cruise Lines

Luxury cruise lines can change your life, but that doesn't mean it's easy to choose one. Read more [...]

Big Cancellations from P&O and Hurtigruten; AIDA Prepares for Restart Inbox

Here are all the details from P&O, Hurtigruten, and AIDA. Read more [...]

Coronavirus Cases on Paul Gauguin and Hurtigruten Cruises

This time, two different cruise lines have confirmed infections on their ships: Paul Gauguin and Hurtigruten. Read more [...]
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