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The Capital Jazz Cruise

The Capital Jazz Cruise, technically (and more grandiosely) called the Capital Jazz SuperCruise, is one of several jazz cruises that take place each year. The Capital Jazz Cruise is, not surprisingly, presented by Capital Jazz, which operates a radio station (Capital Jazz Radio) and puts on a festival (Capital Jazz Fest) each year in Washington, D.C. Clearly, Capital Jazz is a unique enterprise - it is part radio station, part festival organizer, and part cruise ship operator. It is only the last function of Capital Jazz that we are interested in, however, so we'll leave the rest behind. The Capital Jazz Cruise of 2013 is disembarking in just a couple of weeks, and there are still available spots, or if this is too late of notice, you can also already sign up for the Capital Jazz Cruise of 2014. But we are getting ahead of ourselves. What exactly is the Capital Jazz Cruise? For that matter, what is a jazz cruise in general? To these questions we turn our attention. Read more [...]

Odyssey Entertainment Cruises

Guests can choose from holiday themed cruises such as Monster Bashes for Halloween or New Years Eve Fireworks Cruises. Guests can also choose a Gospel Lunch Cruise on a calm Sunday or a Jazz Cruise on a festive Friday night. Read more [...]
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