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What Is It Like Working on a Cruise Ship?

Lots of people dream about working on a cruise ship. It must just be like taking a cruise vacation every day, right? Well, not exactly. A job is a job, and a position on a cruise ship is not exception. You still need to do hard work, and the reality isn't as sweet as most people imagine. But with that said, there are lots of pros to balance out the cons. Let's go over what it's actually like to work on a cruise ship. Read more [...]

Great Cruise Industry Jobs that Don’t Need Cruise Experience

Have you ever wondered whether there are cruise industry jobs out there that don't require a lot of experience working on a cruise? Read more [...]

How to Get a Job on Celebrity X Cruises

To learn about Celebrity X Cruises and the job openings they have at any given time, you will need to visit their website (link at end of article). On the official company website, you will have access to a profile of the company, the company’s history, and the company’s philosophy, among other types of information about Celebrity X Cruises. Read more [...]

How to Apply to Costa Cruise Line

The Costa Cruise Line luxury fleet consists of vessels both large and small. Costa Cruise Line vessels include: Costa Allegra, Costa Atlantica, Costa Classica, Costa Concordia, Costa Europa, Costa Fortuna, Costa Magic, Costa Marina, Costa Serena, Costa Romantica, and Costa Victoria. Read more [...]
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